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Nonprofit outdoor educational and recreation program.

Inspiring our Veterans

One of the goals of the Anchors Away Program is to help reintegrate our disabled Veterans back into the community. A perfect example of the Anchors Away Program's efforts is David.

David was referred to the Anchors Away Program from the Charleston VA Hospital.  He suffers from PTSD and lives in a VA housing facility. 

As a reward for one year sobriety, David was allowed to fish in the Kings for Vets tournament! In July, David was permitted 4 overnight passes to stay on the Anchors Away Program house boat and fish in the Megadock Billfishing Tournament.

On Monday, July 26th, 2010 the Anchors Away Program learned that due to the progress David has made with his illness, the Government has  awarded him a voucher to fund an apartment where he can live on his own and a place for his grandchildren to come and visit!

The Anchors of Limitation

Since 1995, the program has worked to do away with the ‘anchors’ that have traditionally limited people with disabilities, at risk youth and the elderly in the South Carolina area. The Anchors Away Program serves all types of abilities and gender/age/race populations.  A person with a disability is anyone who does not have equal access, or ability, to utilize the same recreational resources that are available to a majority of the community.

Through ski clinics, fishing tournaments, sailing and other fundraising events, the Anchors Away Program creates opportunity, raises awareness, and gets people out on the water. Please check out our media page to see what local news stations have been saying about us!

Progress is Key

The Anchors Away Program continues to make progress towards leveling the field for all members of our community to get out and enjoy the recreational activities of the low country. Providing a positive environment for the disabled in Charleston creates a positive ripple effect on the community that adds to economic productivity, less use of medical services, and allows this group to give back to the area. 

This is why the Anchors Away Program is essential to South Carolina in the integration of public recreation for the elderly, youth in need, and people with disabilities.The water is an exceptional way to empower, motivate, and help heal the disadvantaged in the Charleston area.