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Nonprofit outdoor educational and recreation program.

The Anchors of Limitation

Since 1995, the Anchors Away Program has worked to do away with the ‘anchors’ that have traditionally limited people with disabilities, youth at risk and the elderly in the South Carolina area. The Anchors Away Program serves all types of abilities and gender/age/race populations and defines a person with a disability as anyone who does not have equal access or ability to utilize the same recreational resources that are available to the majority of the community.

The Anchors Away Program has made progress towards eliminating our community’s practice of excluding individuals with disabilities and the elderly from participating in physical activities.

Cost Isn't Just Monetary

Costs to individuals with disabilities: 

  • poor physical and mental health
  • low self-esteem
  • low personal expectations
  • major medical consequences
  • increasing isolation and dependence
Costs to the community:

  • loss of economic productivity
  • increased use of medical services
  • the loss of independence and participation due to lack of fitness, energy level, and the capacity to be active in societal events. 
This is why the Anchors Away Program is essential to South Carolina in the integration of public recreation for the elderly, youth in need, and people with disabilities.


The Anchors Away Program uses adaptive recreation to educate at risk youth, the elderly, the disability community, their families, health care professionals, and the community at large about available equipment, techniques, options, and other resources. The program promotes participation and integration of the young, the not so young, able bodied and disabled by using water sport activities such as boating, sailing, fishing, swimming, canoeing, kayaking, jet skiing, and water skiing. During these experiences, participants are able to learn firsthand about marine science, ecology, boating safety and basic seamanship.

Adaptive Recreation

We operate year round and will serve hundreds of participants this year that will benefit from increased knowledge, independence, confidence, self-esteem, social interaction, teamwork skills, mobility and self-reliance. The Anchors Away Program evaluates its services through demographic data obtained from participant application forms. An evaluation is compiled annually from these service volume statistics. The service volume statistics include the number of people served, referral source and participants served by sex, age, ethnicity, primary impairment, type of recreation and participant feedback on ways to improve the program

Since its creation, The Anchors Away Program has sustained steady growth while serving thousands of people. The program’s duties are labor intensive and rely on staff, volunteers, mentors and peer counselors who are thoroughly trained in the latest disability issues, adaptive equipment, techniques and safety. Anchors Away operates with donated equipment modified to reduce barriers, and depends entirely on foundations, grants and private donations for funding. The Anchors Away Program annual operating budget is $150,000.00.